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It’s been a long time since we wrote about Future Farming s.r.o., which is currently working continuously on the largest indoor aquaponics project in the world that will be in Horní Bojanovice, near Brno. The preparations for the project are in full swing and our company is also preparing for the construction of the systems as we are a supplier of technology and a guarantee of functionality. We are very excited when the whole world writes that a small state in the middle of Europe is going in the right direction and that the biggest project in the world has been created here. We are already reaching out to media from all over the world and want to know more about this project and make interviews with us. The media interest is of course pleasant, but we are interested in the project to be successful and useful to society, which, according to our belief, will certainly be. And why? Just for interest, in the Nymburk bunker at this moment we produce 4800 pieces of lettuces and herbs a month on an area of ​​120 square meters and under the plants still flowing about 30m3 of water. Thanks to the closed system and the return of water from the dehumidifiers back into the water, we have added 15 liters of water to the system after eight days. That’s about 1.5 cans. Can you imagine that you would have bottled 4800 salads for 8 days with this amount of water? Surely not. It’s very interesting, is not it?
We believe that thanks to aquaponics we can change the way of growing vegetables and fish breeding in the Czech Republic. And how do we do that? It’s enough to make Future Farming more such projects, ideally for every big city where we can offer people really good food without the use of chemistry. Because when people see that they can buy these foods at a normal price and in such a quality, they will search for these foods, forcing farmers to stop using sprays and chemistry. That’s our goal. Being great and powerful, and thanks to what we do, we can change the way we grow vegetables and fish farming, because aquaculture vegetables and fish can not even compare the same product at all.
Do you like what we do? Would you like to be part of this project and change the world? You can!
You can invest in Future Farming bonds and not only get a very profitable profit, but at the same time you will be doing something that makes sense and helps nature.

Do you want to invest in bonds? You can:

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