Exciting November and December

In November, our company must produce and install two smaller farms. The first farm will be at the biogas station in the Giant Mountains, where our system will be placed both in the container and in the greenhouse. We are glad to have a system at a biogas station, because the connection between aquaponics and BS makes sense to us.

Another system will be done for a client near Brno, who chose a large outdoor system that produces a ton of fish per year and up to 30,000 pieces of vegetables. We install the system already in November, but we will not run it until the spring. It could not work in the winter months.

We are very excited to pass these aquaplaning systems to new owners and we are preparing for another system that we should do for the client from Vrchlabi. Here will be a unique project where there will be training of aquaponists interested in the world and there will be a really great training system with hotel and accommodation for 100 people. We already have dozens of people from around the world, such as Pakistan, Russia, India, the USA, Germany, Norway, etc., who will learn aquaponics here.

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