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Our company deals with the development and construction of aquaponic farms and recirculation systems of fish breeding. Our systems can be placed both into industrial greenhouses and into unused halls where we replace sunlight with artificial light. At the same time we offer buyback of fishes and vegetables to our customers.

We have been dealing with the development of aquaponics more than 7 years and therefore we can ensure the functionality of our system. We provide professional services, such as remote monitoring for the control of the water quality, professional tracking control system, quality fish feed of our own production, guarantee of functionality of the whole system etc. Nowadays there is no other company on the Czech market nor in Europe, which would develop, create and deliver functional aquaponic systems.

Already in 2016 we have established a company dealing with aquaponics (THORILEX) in Nymburk. However, we left the company after disagreements. Thanks to our know-how and the desire to go our own way we have established company new and better. In which ways is it better? 7 years of development, are own bacteria which no one in the world has, experiences with fish breeding (we began with 20 ponds), we can build not only the system, but we can also make it work and keep it functional. In our development we also cooperate with Mendel University in Brno and with other scientific subjects.

We are the members of Aquaponic Association.


July 2018

Exceptional year 2018

This year is really exceptional. In July we are preparing a branch in Germany and we are going to build a large project in two industrial greenhouses.

New Branch in Serbia

In July 2018, we established a new branch in Serbia. Our new firm in Serbia is called Farm for its. Now we are preparing new projects in Serbia for the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture and the private investor.1515

Finishing farm Řisuty

In July, the farm is ready and handed over to the owner. Another farm is successfully finished and we are preparing another project in Serbia and Germany.

May 2018

Indoor farm Řisuty

Based on the references from the farm in Lavazovice, we contacted an investor from Řisut. We are starting to build an indoor aquapark farm near the solar power plant. Again, we take it as a huge challenge and we go to it 🙂

April 2018

Finishing indoor farm

The first indoor farm is done. In April 2018 we finished and launched the first large farm in Europe. Other deals in construction farem se jen hrnou.

October 2017

Indoor farm

We are starting to build the first indoor farm in the Czech Republic. In October we signed a contract to build the largest aquapark farm in Europe. Its size is 2500m2. We hope this building will bring us up again again.

January 2017


Thanks to our vigilance remained everything that we have learnt and built up. All of this we can use in behalf of our clients. We thank you for giving us your trust.

June 2016


Unfortunately, this investor only wanted to make profit out of our know-how, get the bacteria, nutrient solutions, mechanical drawings etc. with the aim of shutting us down from our own project. When he found out that we won’t give the important information about the functionality of the system to nobody, he took away the stocks. That is why we left the company Thorilex and the only things left from it was shell without know-how. For us it was a valuable lesson, thanks to it we moved forward and it helped us with our inner growth.

January 2016


We established the company THORILEX with the help of our investor who runs a solar power station near Nymburk.

January 2015


In 2015 we made essential decision – we will dedicate ourselves only to aquaponics. Subsequently we sold our fish farming company. Our next step was to search for the investor, who would help us to build up a professional company.

January 2014


We figured out that the container type IBC is wrong both because of its shape and the removal of contaminated water. That’s why we within one year invented our own tanks which we still improve.

December 2013


The most important thing on the whole aquaponics is nitrification, filtration and mineralization. Nitrification is the conversion of ammonia into nitrites and nitrates, for this nitrification bacteria are necessary. It took us almost 3 years to get nitrification bacteria suitable for aquaponics. We had to fly to Sri Lanka for them. These bacteria proved themselves the best, however, it was necessary to improve them which we managed to do.

January 2010


We said that it is a huge opportunity to come up with something new which makes sense and, considering the frequent droughts, is going to be needed in the future. So we then bought 30 pieces of IBC container, we remade them and started to create aquaponics by the trial-and-error procedure. The first failures were huge. Within a few days the fishes always died and we didn’t know why. So we some bought books about aquaponics from abroad and started doing everything which was described there. But even this didn’t help. So we needed to invent everything by ourselves.

January 2009


In 2009 we needed to build up tanks for long term repeated storage of our fishes. While searching for the possible variants in the world, we saw a modified tank in which there were fishes in the bottom part and plants in the upper part, so called aquaponics. We were thrilled by it and we wanted system like this, only better looking, to our company. But we didn’t find anyone who would make these systems and who was interested in the aquaponics not just in the Czech Republic but also not in the entire Europe.

January 2000


In 2000 we started with fish farming. Over time we bought or rented more than 20 ponds. We established fish farming company focusing on fish breeding and sport fishing.