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Our team

Bohuslav Škoda

Director General

Our aquaponic systems and farms are one of the best in the world thanks to many years of research.

Petr Charbuský

Business Manager

Every customer has different requirements and needs. We do as much as we can to find suitable solution for all.

Bc. Michal Fojtík

Foreign trade – Asia

In aquapony, I see the future. For my children I want to improve the world. I want them to inherit from us a planet on which we can still live.

Pavel Tomek

Foreign trade – Europe

In aquapony, I see the future.

Nenad Pesut

Foreign Trade – Balkans

I represent the company in these countries: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Stanislav Poklop

Head of operations

We can place our aquaponic systems even into spaces which, at the first sight, seem as unusable.

Ing. Miroslav Fojtík

Research and Development

After my long-term development of aeroponics systems, I am very pleased to be able again to explore modern agriculture.

Jiří Škoda

Marketing manager

My job in the company is to bring this extraordinary product closer to people like you.

Jakub Hokr

Selling products from AQP farms

My work in this company is very fun to me. My job is to get aquaponics products to end customers.

Bc. Markéta Fojtíková – Vybíhalová

Logistics and project coordination

Working in a great team, making meaningful and creative things that have not been here yet, is what I enjoy.

Bohuslav Vybíhal

Construction supervision

I am glad that after the construction of biogas stations I can again be with a project that is ecological and timeless.

Ondřej Špička

Specialist in fish farming

My job in the company is to ensure that the fish in our clients are in perfect health.

Tomáš Uher

Specialist in fish hatchery

I am very pleased to be part of this project. I’m fulfilling my dream.

Soňa Škodová


Thanks to our water quality monitoring systems we can see 24 hours a day whether is everything alright on the client’s farm.

Adélka Škodová

Top Tasting

I prefer aquaponics to strawberries and melons. But I do not eat fish and I like to play with them 🙂