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Project China – Xiamen

It’s not been long before we became members of the Association of Aquaponic Farms. This association brings together people who are interested in aquapony but also professionals in the field. However, those interested in aquaplaning farms are also targeting companies that produce and build the farms in the best quality.

The Chinese investment company, which is preparing a unique 100-hectare project around the rapidly growing six-million town, has asked the association to provide a partner to build the farm. We are very glad that the choice fell on our company.

Thanks to this, we received an invitation to China, where we accompanied Mr. Michal Fojtík, who is the president of the Association. In China, we had a look at the construction site and after several days of negotiations, we agreed to cooperate and signed a contract for the construction of two aquaponic greenhouses of 5500m2. These aquaponic systems will provide vegetable and fruit planting for other greenhouses.

This project is completely unique and has no similarities in the world. The whole area will serve not only to supply the region’s inhabitants with fresh fish, vegetables and fruits but will be able to visit families with children and enjoy lakes, fresh air and beautiful nature.

We are very pleased to have received such an opportunity from the Chinese investor and, above all, from the Chinese government, which is a co-investor in this project.

But it also means for our company to move a substantial part of its activities to China. In March 2019, we are starting to build in China and finish the project by the end of 2019.

Just for interest, this 100-hectare project produces vegetables for 20% of the Xiamen region and over 20 tonnes of Siberian sturgeon that is protected in China.

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